Introduction to the Community Adult Learning Program

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Added:Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This short video will give you an overview of Alberta's Community Adult Learning Program, and all the services and supports that are available to help CALP staff be successful in their roles!


Jenn Wright said:
Thu, Sep 1, 2016

Great video. I really enjoyed it. We are brainstorming ways to help our communities become more aware of what we do in terms of ESU and ESL programming. What marketing strategies have been useful for others? I'm going to check out the YouTube channel for more videos like this one. 

Debbie Clark said:
Mon, Aug 29, 2016

This wonderfully done, bravo CLN!

Cheryl Lovstrom said:
Fri, Aug 26, 2016

Hi Laurrie;

If you scroll down this page a bit to Odette's May 27 post, you'll see step by step instructions on how to share this video. It's a fabulous introduction to the CALP system, and well worth sharing.

Cheryl Hollidge

Central Region support


Laurrie Lloyd said:
Mon, Aug 22, 2016

I absolutely love this video presentation. Is there a way that we can share this on our message boards like facebook, tweeter, link-in and so forth?

Marie Fontaine said:
Wed, Jun 22, 2016

This was a brilliant video, and thanks to the art work, was easy to understand even with out speakers.

Odette Lloyd said:
Fri, May 27, 2016

Good morning Cindy,

You can share this on your website if you feel it would be helpful. We're glad you like it! To share a video from the CALP Portal, just do the following:

1. Hover over the arrow icon in the top right hand corner of the video.

2. The word "Share" will appear.

3. Click.

4. You will be shown options to share the video from CLN's YouTube channel (direct link, share to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.)

Happy sharing!



Cindy Slenders said:
Thu, May 26, 2016

Showed this to the BCALC Board on Tuesday.  They were very pleased.  Can we link this to our website? Our board decided it was a very good piece of information for Board recruitment and orientation.

Reg Radke said:
Wed, May 18, 2016

Great video - informative, easy to watch.  Useful, almost like an 'elevator speech' to introduce the CALP to those partners in the education system, and to potential community partners.  It would have been nice to add the connection to the post-secondary education world, and in particular the CCI role, as a next or further step on the adult learner continuum

Thank you

Introduction to Adult Foundational Learning Resources