2018 Newsletters

Karen Plourde

Summer is here! As another CALP year comes to a close, take time to reflect on all you have accomplished this year. Pat yourself on the back and force yourself to brag a little about your accomplishments. 2017/18 has been a year of innovation by CALP staff around the province. It has been a year of increased connections among CALPs and the CLN. Collectively, we have served adult learners in our province in innumerable ways, positively impacting our Alberta home. Bravo!

Most of you are looking forward to some summer time off and the chance to recharge. Enjoy your summer, and we will see you in the fall at Symposium.

I want to give a shout out to the CLN staff who have kept us all connected; you have helped us with mentoring, training, PD, and so much more. Your hard work is appreciated by all! Together, we make a mighty contribution.

This will be my last year on the CLN Board: what a grand experience it has been. I have enjoyed the experience as well as the opportunity to acquire perspective and insight from the extraordinary members who serve on this board. People like you…CALP people.

Knowledge gained by serving on the board has helped me communicate better with my own board about the broader provincial scope. It has enabled me to better insure that my local board is meeting Advanced Education expectations and directions. Even board development of our local CALP has been enhanced by experiences learned on the CLN board. Everything I learn as a board member has helped me serve my community better. Serving on this board is a win-win.

Think about joining the CLN board for yourself, your local board, your community, your province and for all CALPs. Expand your horizons. Try something new. Many of you have already served, but even seasoned board members might want to consider serving again, as the CLN board has undergone so many changes, even in my short experience.

You can download the CLN Board Member Position Description and Application Package from the CALP Portal in the "All Members and Partners" Documents folder.

If I don’t see you before then, I look forward to connecting with you at CLN’s Annual General Meeting at the Symposium in September!

Karen Plourde
CLN Board Chair

A look into how the CLN Board is Working for You!

Six times a year, the CLN Board of Directors meet, either online or face-to-face, to conduct our “business”. Recently, the board met in Edmonton on April 19 and 20.

CLN’s Board members come from across the province; Karen Plourde from the North, Jackie Peterson and Lil Radley from the South, Brenda Adams and Colleen Thiessen from West-Central, Lois Polege from East-Central and Doray Veno and Jana Thomson from Central. Lisa Dickner, Executive Director, joined us for the meeting. Lindsay Manz and Ben Hartt, from Advanced Education also joined us for an afternoon.

As always, these meetings are productive and busy. Karen Plourde, the Chair, keeps the meeting on track as agenda items are covered, questions asked, issues discussed, and decisions made. For example, at this meeting agenda items included:

  • CLN’s Human Resource policies were reviewed and updated. With the introduction of new legislation for HR and Employment Standards, it was timely to ensure all our policies were up to date. CLN will post our draft policies as samples that CALPs can reference for their own policy. If you missed it earlier in the year, and have questions about how the new legislation could impact your organization, you can view the recording of a webinar CLN hosted with a representative from Alberta Labour this past January. The recording and the answers to some follow-up questions are available to CALP staff with a Portal login at https://www.calp.ca/?lid=8QBVM-6HAJ3-QUKDU&pkGroup=1&pkGroups[]=1&pkGroups[]=6&comaction=discussion&pkDiscussion=607&q=bill+17&sort=-dtCreated
  • We reviewed and approved the CLN’s PD Support Services grant application and budget for Advanced Education for the 2018-19 funding cycle. CLN submitted our application to Advanced Education on May 1st.
  • Lindsay Manz and Ben Hartt shared information from Advanced Education, including the recent review of Family Literacy, and the CALP grant focus on foundational learning.
  • Lisa Dickner, Executive Director, brought us up to date on many items including regional training needs and trends, Symposium registration and planning, and other CLN activities and initiatives.
  • The Alberta Food Bank Conference – This year, CLN will be a community sponsor for this event, and we are proud that our board will be represented at this event. We are looking forward to making connections with service agencies like Alberta’s food banks, that could grow to strengthen local partnerships for CALP programs across the province.
  • The Digital Literacy Exchange Program grant application – If successful, CLN and NorQuest College will work together to develop an electronic application or platform that will build digital literacy among adult learners across the province, and potentially across the country. Our proposal is to develop the app, which would be made available to CALP staff and other adult learning practitioners at no cost, as well as to develop and deliver “train-the-trainer” materials and face-to-face training for practitioners so you can get the most out of the app when you work with learners.

These meetings are vibrant, packed with meaningful discussion by passionate talented board members. Each bring their unique community perspectives, united by the common goal of promoting and advancing foundational learning for all adult learners in every region of the province.

I am confident that those in the field will be happy to see the results of our board meetings; this could be additional training opportunities, information on the portal, regional training, and soon, the Symposium.

Lil Radley, Secretary
CLN Board of Directors

Doray VenoMy beliefs, values, and philosophies are strong, real, and community-driven. I am passionate for lifelong learning, building capacity within groups and individuals and community development in rural Alberta.

As Executive Director of the Hanna Learning Centre, I bring an enthusiasm and commitment to my chosen career pathway and adventure. My team leadership style brings an innovative perspective to the successful multi-program organization offering learning, literacy, career and employment, connecting community, small business and voluntary sector services. I play a regional convening role in citizen engagement, organizational development, and community capacity building. For the last 23 years I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work and volunteer in the government, private and not for profit sectors, as a business owner, board director, municipal councilor, employee and community leader.

My tenure on the CLN Board continues to be beneficial in building and expanding my networks professionally and personally. The experiences and knowledge gained have been of added value to our organization and community. The opportunity to share my passion, skill sets and develop new skills are rewarding. I appreciate learning about and understanding the CALP system through a variety of lenses. One of the greatest benefits to serving on the CLN Board is engaging with amazing people, who empower others.

If you are interested in exploring what you could bring to the CLN Board, and what you could gain from serving, be sure to check out the Nomination Package below. We are currently accepting applications and nominations to the CLN Board of Directors for the 2018-19 term.

Doray Veno, Vice Chair
CLN Board of Directors

Is it spring yet?!! If you are like me, we seem to have been enjoying this winter for a long time, and I’m ready for an infusion of some new life and energy! I love to see the days get longer, and count the weeks until some greenery will appear.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for spring weather to find splashes of optimism and joy in our work. There is the sparkle in the eye of a learner who suddenly “gets it”, or one who realizes they’ve achieved that goal that seemed so hard. There is the energizing challenge of a new opportunity popping up. There are the words of support from colleagues, Regional Support Staff and volunteers as we work toward our common goals. There are amazing opportunities to learn and stretch and grow. So as we dive into applications and reports, let’s celebrate why we do this work. How many people get paid to make a difference in someone’s life? I’m glad to be a part of this team that chooses to invest in the lives of individuals and communities.

Lois Polege
CLN Board of Directors

Brrrrrr, has it been cold outside! Beautiful but chilly.

Had it been warm, it might have been difficult to stay indoors and focus on all of the things that need our attention now that the 2018-19 Grant Application and Reporting materials are on the horizon to be shared by Advanced Education! The CLN team has been hard at work assessing all the implications of the renewed Logic Model. We are thinking about the new Outcomes, Indicators and Measures, and how best we can support you and your colleagues as you start to plan for the year ahead.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating the e-Learning workshops on the CALP Portal, as well as updating or modifying documents, templates and videos to align with the new vison and logic model for CALP. We’ll keep you up to date on our progress online and with updates to the field at spring Regional Meetings. We want to make sure you have current resources at your disposal through this time of transition. And remember, you can always call or email your RSS if you have any questions about the latest changes.

We look forward to hearing from you in the coming months, and learning more about how we can best support you on this next leg of your journey!

Lisa Dickner
Executive Director

New Year… New Beginnings!

Happy 2018 to all! I hope everyone is well rested and spent some quality time with friends, family, and loved ones over the holidays.

While I had my feet up by the fire, I pondered what I would like 2018 to be. January is known to be the month for goal setting, personally and professionally.

Some of the questions I ask myself are:

  • What do I want to accomplish by the end of June in my program?
  • Do I need some PD to make it happen?
  • If so, what type of training do I need, and when would be a good time to take it?
  • How will I manage my work/life balance? How will I manage my stress level? 

A personal journal is a great place to record your thoughts and goals. Your professional goals can be added to your profile on the CALP Portal under Training and Events, click on “My Learning Plan and History”. At the end of the granting year, it is a great place to refer back to and record your PD on the Final Report. Please set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, and Time Bound.

As long as the needle is moving, we are making progress. Wishing all of you great success in 2018!

Jackie Peterson
Treasurer, CLN Board of Directors